Friday, May 30, 2008

May 29

- I made phone calls to possible venders for the Okra, Beans and Leafy Greens African American Foodways festival
- I compiled facts about bees/honey for the Taste of the Month fun facts for June
- I made a few possible children's games for a handout we will be giving for children exploring the farm
- There was a family dinner at 4:00.  The farm will be getting African Geese and a speaker came from  California.  He talked a lot about Edward Norton, apparently Edward is the head of his environmental filming company?

May 28
- I edited the summer 2008 at Stone Barns Center Calendar and made lots of copies (that was a trial and error process)
- I bought cheese from the farmer's market - it was really good
- I got taken on a ride to see newborn piglets and the lake by a maintenance worker.  The lake is so pretty.

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