Friday, May 30, 2008

May 29

- I made phone calls to possible venders for the Okra, Beans and Leafy Greens African American Foodways festival
- I compiled facts about bees/honey for the Taste of the Month fun facts for June
- I made a few possible children's games for a handout we will be giving for children exploring the farm
- There was a family dinner at 4:00.  The farm will be getting African Geese and a speaker came from  California.  He talked a lot about Edward Norton, apparently Edward is the head of his environmental filming company?

May 28
- I edited the summer 2008 at Stone Barns Center Calendar and made lots of copies (that was a trial and error process)
- I bought cheese from the farmer's market - it was really good
- I got taken on a ride to see newborn piglets and the lake by a maintenance worker.  The lake is so pretty.

Monday, May 26, 2008

May 25
- Today I gave my first Livestock Tour. There were over 30 people (the biggest tour of the season). It went amazing, I can't wait to do more.
- After the public programs ran something called Farm to Table where people collect ingredients from the farm and then cook a small meal from it. There were two sessions, we were so busy I didnt even get to eat lunch.
- It was an amazing day. Afterwards we got to eat Green Tea sorbet that Erika made. And we made extra dumplings from the Farm to Table program and everyone ate them at 4:30.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 5 May23
Today was by far the best day at the farm.
- Erika led an Insider's Tour at 11:00 which I attended
- I supervised the Farmer's market
- I had a long lunch with Isabelle (an intern from Dobbs Ferry)
- At 3:00 I did a mock livestock tour with Justin and Nick, I was very nervous but Justin said I did well
- Afterwards my brother and I went to the cafe with a bunch of other volunteers and staff and took home a ton of awesome food that would have otherwise been thrown out
- A baby lamb is being kept in Craig Haney's office (the livestock manager) and my brother and I bottle fed it. Its name is Lambs Armstrong.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 4 May 22
- I updated the calendar online
- I searched for potential barbeque venders for the okra, beans, and leafy greens festival in July
- I sat in on a major meeting with the farm staff at 2:30 - I had to sit on a filing cabinet!
- Every thursday at 4:00 there is a "family dinner" where everyone working at Stone Barns and the Blue Hill is invited to the Blue Hill kitchen for dinner. Everyone grabs a plate and piles on food and then they push together all the restaurant tables (we sat outside today) into one huge table. It was nuts to be sitting next to the executive chef Dan Barber and to hear about everything that is going on in the restaurant and on the farm.
Day 3 May 21
-Today I spent three hours searching for a "soul food" documentary that doesn't exist
-Then I spent another three hours outside (conveniently placed in the wind tunnel) sitting at the information desk. There were hardly any visitors but I met a girl named Paige who just started working there and we ended up having a lot of fun. I hope they send me to the information desk every time there is a Farmer's Market because being in the office can get awkward!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1 and 2

Friday May 16 (First Day)
Rain on a farm limits the numbers of activities to do..
- I read a 50 page packet all about Stone Barns
- I updated Stone Barns' book inventory and updated the online calendar on to include all of the dates of the Farmers Market
- I made several visits to the Blue Hill cafe with one of my supervisors (Erika) for tea and cookies

Saturday May 17
- I went on a three hour Insiders Tour of the farm
- I was informed that my job will be to give Vegetable Tours and Livestock Tours on the farm and I have one week to pack my brain with information before my first tour